Dior vintage

  1. Ok, I wanted a Dior vintage purse for a while since i'm this wannabe fashionista :rolleyes: And I found this cutie on eBay a while ago.

    This is how it is, I heard from one person that its fake since it dosen't say Christian Dior in it, anywhere.

    Other ppl said it could have been written in gold and that the gold comes of very easily, but still. I don't see any signs of gold, ke?

    Anyway, the inside is in some dark blue leatherish material and it has a tag that says made in france garanti by schotguard or something like that.

    The D's looks right to me and the canvas is thick and nice. But I don't know. What do you guys think? :confused1:

    Oh and I also have another question. How do you people stuff your speedy's/doctors bags? I got 2 and mine..always looks so shapeless if i dont stuff it with lots.

    Anyway, here is the link:

    eBay: Genuine Christian Dior Doctor Handbag (item 190050197878 end time Nov-14-06 16:03:36 PST)
  2. hi bay,

    welcome to the dior subforum!

    just a little reminder that all authenticity questions should be posted in the "authenticate this" thread at the top of the forum. ;)

    that said, the monogram on the bag seems alright though the auction description does mention that the interior tag says "made in france". as far as i know, dior bags are usually made in italy, or spain for some. i'm not sure if the vintage bags are made in france though. hopefully May or another PFer would be able to help you with it. :yes:

    as for stuffing bags, i usually either use those light paper that comes with the bags when you buy them. (i can't for the life of me remember what they're called) but as long as you keep it stuffed, it should maintain its shape. when i'm out of any packing paper, i just stuff it with my scarves.