Dior Vintage Logo Traveller

  1. I really like this bag ATM. I thought there was a bigger size but this seems to be the only one I can find. Should I get this or something from the Rebelle line?

  2. [​IMG]
  3. I love this bag, TammyD!!! The vintage logo ligne is so chic!
  4. Thanks, Ariun! I love the vintage Dior logo ligne and this one is the perfect cross between vintage and modern. I want to get it in Paris so its cheaper when you minus detaxe, and I'm wondering whether I should get this one or something from Rebelle ligne.
  5. Oh, and welcome to the forum, Ariun!!
  6. i'm not feeling this that much, too vintage-y for me (the monogram even looks like it yellowed with age, that happened to my mom's vintage gucci monogram) but if you like the way it looks then go for it! :smile:
  7. I really like it. So different.
  8. I love the bag, but I'm not crazy about the huge CD plaque on the front. :sad:
  9. I had a look at it last month at the store and it is very practical and they also have it blue logo print. I was really wanting it but already had a old shoulder bag that was about the same shape and size.
  10. I agree about the CD plaque. It's HUGE!! Like, save-you-from-an assassination-attempt huge...or JFK-and-Lincoln-shoulda-had-one huge.
  11. Agreed !

    But the bag is pretty nice.
  12. TammyD :heart:

    i would ONLY like this bag at the display window, but would never get it. its too Vintage-y + boring monogram + This Huge CD logo:sick: , Dior has other wonderFul pieces that are of vintage Look u may wish to see and try at the boutique, as for the Ribelle Line, i dont know, i do like it but havent seen it IRL yet. i dont know how its with u, but im the kind of person who sometimes has a certain bag(s) in mind b4 visiting the boutique, but will decide eventually on purchasing totally different one(s) than what i had in mind, its different when u see bags IRL and try them on+ Dior has always new collections + limited editions at their store, others than the ones on their site or ones published in magazines, ASK ME :graucho: btw which boutique are u visiting? avenue montaigne?:flowers: .
  13. Maybe Montaigne, maybe Rennes (I think they have one there), not sure yet. I must say I was drawn to the 670 euro (before deducting 12% detaxe) pricetag. It works out to be around $700. I was thinking I wanted to get an MJ or Tod's, but having thought hard, I think I'm still an European brand gal (ie. Fendi, Celine, Chanel and Dior).
  14. Thanks Gingerfarm. Yes it is.