Dior Vintage Flowers line...

  1. Anyone have anything in this? I'm loking to get something in this line, it's so pretty and girly. :yahoo:

    I have my eye on the tote, does anyone have it and how big is it, etc? is it comfy? if anyone sees this at an outlet, please let me know!! of course, with the price too. :graucho:

  2. I don't have the tote but I saw it at woodbury. I got this one a week ago($495). I don't know the price of the tote sorry:shrugs:


    .....this bag is so beautiful:heart::yahoo: i'm going to wear it for the first time today.:party:

    here is a pic of the tote from woodbury outlet. You better call them to see if they still have it or not. tell them to hold it for you.:smile:

    Dior Woodbury
    (845) 928-4602

  3. zerodross, the frame bag is my FAVOURITE!!! :love: :love:
  4. And $550 is a markdown??? Woah...
  5. ^ I believe that was 50% off, if I remember Selena's thread correctly... :yes:
  6. I have the tote, I just pulled it out today with the warm weather! It holds a ton and I believe I paid $575 for it? Got it at woodbury also.
  7. wow nice!
  8. I have tote from Woodbury and frame from Neiman Marcus. I love this line! Would love to add the wallet if anyone sees one.
    vintage flowers tote and frame.JPG
  9. there's a vintage flowers wallet on eBay at the moment. but i know some people are snobby/snotty/ambivalent about eBay, so i'll just post up the link to the ebay auction if you're interested.
  10. Here's mine:


    I love this bag like mad...can't stop looking at it and it's almost been a year since I've purchased this!!! My bag love affairs usually never last this long but the Vintage Flowers is an exception...just can't get tired of this bag!
  11. Thanks, I did check it out. Its alot for a wallet, for some reason I don't mind spending on the bags, but its hard for me to part with the money for the wallets. But it would look nice coming out of my bag!
  12. I agree Mayday. I've had mine over a year and love it too. I very rarely see designer bags being worn on the streets, but I saw someone carrying this bag last summer and I just had to have it. Then just picked up the tote too.
  13. if you check my showcase thread, i have the Pochette in there.
  14. I know what you mean! It happened with the Gaucho too (which I didn't like when it first came out)...I saw someone in the grocery store with a Gaucho bag (at this time I didn't like the bag at all) and was amazed by how it PERFECTLY complimented her casual look (jeans and shirt). I actually followed her bag for a while because I couldn't get my eyes off it.