dior velvet clutch or LV keepall 45?

  1. didnt know where to post this as it involves multiple brands! But i'm basically deciding on between a really cute clutch/eve. bag or some chick luggage.... :biggrin:
    open to suggestions as well :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
  2. LV Keepall! Much more practical but still very elegant, although the Dior is gorgeous! But it probably wouln't get as much use.
  3. I'd go for the clutch!
  4. hehee yeah .. i guess to me, both wouldnt be used that much, I dont travel a ton nor do I go out too much .. BUT... there is an upcoming trip to vegas.. so I could either pack in style or cruise the casino floor in style!!! but then.. the LV is so darn useful!!! hahahaa.. oh ym mind splinters! :yes: weee!!!
  5. My only opposistion to the Dior is that it seems that you could go to Macys and pick up a velvet clutch that looks almost as good foor $50. It's really pretty though!
  6. I'd go for the LV - but I do travel a good bit.
  7. I'd go for the keepall.... It's pretty classic and you can use it for a lifetime. The Dior clutch is cute but not that interesting. I sure hope it's not the same price as the LV because it would be way overpriced, in my opinion.

    I think for clutches, either go with something inexpensive ... or something extra decadant (like Judith Leiber crystal studded).
  8. Keepall. The clutch is very pretty though!
  9. i'm totally loving the clutch... its so beautiful!!!
  10. Dior velvet clutch
  11. Ooooh, this is a tough one, and a very personal one, too! I just purchased the Keepall 45 w/shoulder strap and I looooove it. :love: I don't know how I ever traveled without it! My life seems more complete, in a weird way. But the Dior clutch.. ::sigh:: it has a "D" on it. My heart melts for anything with a D for obvious reasons. :yes:
  12. BOTH!!


    Actually, if you're going for functional, I'd get the Keepall. It'll be something that lasts a lifetime.
    The clutch is cute, but I've seen way nicer.
  13. the arguments are darn compelling! the clutch is almost $800!!! ouch..while teh keepall 45 with strap is $990... heee
    and i just saw this clutch from coach for about $250
    so perhaps i'll head stratsey's advice after all but getting the coach clutch instead?.. heee...perhaps comprimise is key here.. MOOHAHAH!
  14. im no fan of coach but i love that clutch!!! the dior is nice but it doesn't scream dior to me (froma design perspective not the monogram) hence yuo sould buy the keepall and coah clutch
  15. buy both? yeah i like that plan!!! hahaa.....! thanks so much for everyone's help! :biggrin: