dior values vs. chanel , LV

  1. i hope this post doesnt make anyone mad : )

    does anyone feel like dior is not worth as much as other brands (chanel, LV)

    i typically never buy a dior bag over 1k, i only have one and it was barely over (the white deerskin saddle)..i feel like dior discounts their bags so much ater each season so its a pro and a con... pro cause of course i love deals and discounts but also con because i get so upset when my $900 bag is now only $500/$600 (thats like a wallet right there!!) i know all brands go on sale one time or another..

    also the distinction is that dior lines are often significantly different from season to season, which is great because its always a new, fresh, differnt style as opposed to the similiar chanel styles, or classic LV bags
  2. I feel that because Dior's designs change from season to season, they are a true designer company (because absolutely unique designs come out each season), and a truly prestigious one too because you have to be pretty wealthy to be able to keep up with Dior's newest trends whereas with brands like Chanel, you can have one classic flap bag and you're in style forever. Yes, Dior bags go on sale (actually only very few of them; some lines have never been on sale before despite their longevity...the Dior Trotter Romantique has been around for 2 years+ and it hasn't gone on sale yet), but so do Chanels (there are Chanel outlet stores at outlet malls like Woodbury Commons). Similarly, you can get authentic Chanels and LVs on eBay for the price of discounted Diors, and that shouldn't affect the prestigiousness of the brand.

    Besides, the craftsmanship and materials used by Dior are as high quality as those used by Chanel, LV, and other high end luxury brands. In fact, Dior's Gaucho washed leather may be higher quality than the Balenciaga washed leather which has a veiny texture and streaks in its color application (whereas the Gaucho is solid color and doesn't have a veiny texture).

    On top of that, there are far less counterfeit Dior bags than there are counterfeit Chanel and LV bags; so if you're carrying a Dior, people don't (generally) automatically assume you're carrying a fake (as opposed to if you carried an LV monogram bag). This doesn't mean that Dior is more prestigious, but it may mean that people are more likely to think that you have an authentic designer bag if you carried Dior.

    So in my opinion, Dior is worth as much as other brands like LV and Chanel:heart:.
  3. i do know some people who think that dior isn't as "high end" as chanel, lv, etc but comparatively, just simply in terms of prices, i find that dior and chanel have comparable prices and that lv prices tend to be a little cheaper, although of course i guess it's an individual take really.

    and like May said, there are certain dior lines that do not ever go on sale, mostly i don't really see their staple pieces - like lady dior, gaucho, trotter romantiques - going on sale ever. even when their detective line went on sale, the more popular detective bag in medium wasn't part of the sale. regardless of that, i find that even if a bag were to go on sale, it doesn't diminish the value of the bag to me. true, i might have saved a couple of hundred dollars if i had waited till the sale to get it, but more often than not, the reason why i bought that bag in the first place was because i'm so crazy in love with it, i feel that my liking for the bag justifies paying the full retail price for it.

    i had a conversation with a friend of mine once (who's also a PFer, although not a dior fan) and we thought that the price for LV whilst it seems lower in certain respect (as compared to say chanel or dior), was pretty high considering it's canvas you're getting when buying an LV (usually, discounting the epi/suhali lines). if one were to pay a bit more, one could get a leather piece (instead of canvas) from dior/chanel. of course this is purely based on preference for material and ignores the "design" aspect of any bag. (and i hope i haven't offended any LV fans by giving off a connotation that their LV bags are but mere canvas bags - which we know it's not)

    the thing is, i guess any comparison between brands is kinda like comparing apples and oranges. most brands have their own niche area - lv for their monograms, chanel for their quilted classic flaps, dior for the saddle bags/lady dior - and it really depends on the individual's preference. i can't understand why my friend would pay so much for a gucci bag, and she can't understand why i'd pay so much for a dior bag.

    so in all, it really depends on how much value someone places on a bag. even within a label itself (like dior), i'm sure us dior fans can't all agree on a justification of the prices for the various lines - just take the new jeanne bags for example, i'm sure some members think the bags justify the price, but i do know other members find it a little too pricey and the design not going down well with them.

    that said, of course speaking on the level of resale value on eBay, i guess dior doesn't really fetch such a good price as compared to say chanel.
  4. I have to add my opinion here: when I first joined, I was a Chanel fan (hence the username!). I still do adore Chanel, but I've had a look around and stuff and now my brand preferances are slightly changing. Chanel doesn't do much trendy stuff, they have the quilted design on almost every single item they've manufactured. I think they cater to mega-rich high society women who can afford their exorbitant prices. This opinion was enforced when I went to the Chanel boutique in Hawaii and the saleslady was really snotty to me and my friend. She clearly implied we couldn't afford their stuff.

    Dior, on the other hand, combines Paris luxury fashion with trends and takes risks as well - the gaucho could've been a failure but instead it caught on in a major way. I don't see Chanel coming out with gauchos or saddles, they rarely move away from their classic staples, regarding styles and colors. Dior is also more affordable, I think they cater more to younger women who save up to buy fashionable yet trendy luxurious designs.

    Dior forever!! :biggrin:
  5. Having owned bags from Chloe, Balenciaga, LV, Chanel and Dior I can say that Dior bags are very well made, there is equisite attention to detail, and you DO feel special carrying them. Isn't that what any accessory should evoke in the wearer? In the end, some will be partial to a certain brand and will argue that their favorite is "better" or more "exclusive" than the others, in the end - only balenciaga motorcycle bags seem to truly hold their resale value - which really dumbfounds me even though I am a fan of the bags.
  6. The idea that "sale = out of style" isn't applicable to Dior, imo... and i believe that this comes from Gallianos design method. Seemingly, when he finds his inspiration, he puts everything he can into a collection in order to invoke that idea, whatever it is (trailer park, ravers, marlene dietrich, egypt etc..). I dont think we will find such a variation from any other designer, which is really special imo :heart:
  7. I'm not sure about values, I think that Chanel does tend to hold their value more than Dior, but Dior is so edgy and Chanel designs seem very repetitious to me. I have three Dior bags--I'll attach pictures. I fell in love with the Dectective and the Vintage Flowers and absolutely knew if I didn't buy them that year, they wouldn't be around the next, so I paid retail. Yes I have seen both on eBay at much reduced prices, but I would not have taken the risk back when I purchased them to wait and see if I got lucky in a couple of year. The Dior tote, I basically purchased because it was on a 40% off sale and so classic that I grabbed it, figuring I could always resell. Dior bags are beautifully made.
    dior family.jpg
  8. I don't know, I actually think that Dior is a "trendy" brand as opposed to LV and Chanel and BURBERRY. As another poster has said, yes it is harder to keep up with the diors since there's no "classic" dior bags out there. Gucci-horsebit LV-monogram Chanel quilted flaps... I don't know but I personally think that LV is the cheapest of all designer bags

    This is how my rating system goes, LV, gucci, dior and then chanel...

    but ya Dior since they do discount it so much after the season is over it has less resale value as opposed to Chanel (their vintage cavier sell for alot!)
  9. Love your detective bag!!! :smile:
  10. i must say even though everyone has totally diff. opinions i somewhat agree with all of them... i'm always in this constant predicament when it comes to buying handbags.. I'm just so caught up in the whole depreciation value aspect of things, with cars, homes, everything!! I love dior handbags, i don't mean anything against dior...

    i think a similiar comparision would be comparing bmw and benz vs. other trendy cars. If you think about bmw and benz, the fronts are very very similiar and the body even though it is diff, it has very similiar resemblances.. so some people might get kinda bored of the same styles, simliar to chanel's similiar styles and designs

    its true what someone said up there about its really all about preferences, if you prefer the more trendy styles or the classic styles..i guess i'm just a very boring person cause all of my bags are black, white, or very common colors (only exception is the dior girly bags that i have).. i've always wanted to buy a bold bag (red, etc) but i always go for a less bold color of that bag

    so i totally understand that everyone has diff. preferences cause since pink is a fave color, to me it is a "classic" color whereas someone might think that red or green is..
  11. OMG! Your Detective bag is to die for!!! I MUST have one now!!!!:drool:
  12. I have to say... I am usually a gucci girl and it got to the point where I just realized I can only have soo many GG bags and shoes. However, when I buy LV I only buy the damier patterns(I despise monogram) and I would like to have a vernis or epi wallet and pouch in red. I just got on this dior kick when I saw the rasta bag now my true love is the vintage flowers bag. For ME it boils down to what I would wear and what looks good on me. With Dior I love the fact that they are different and go places with different designs and shapes. I will say this as well. I don't always want to scream logo when I go out and I can do that with a dior or even kooba, dolce and gabanna etc.

    I also feel that even though there is no set design for dior they are classic in their own way.
  13. this is the original dior girl gone wild. (hehe, that's me.)

    i've no intetion 2 sell my bags + i buy a bag coz' i love the design 'n' craftsmanship. so, all these values don't play an impt emphasis in my life.
  14. i personally dont think that Dior is a worse or less worth brand than others ...i like it for everchanging options, for unconventional design and unpredictability:heart: (cant say that about chanel and in lv case i mostly wonder what new out of nowhere motive they will just slap on their classic and ask everyone to pretend its a whole new thing ...) and then i never had a feeling of disappointment by whats on offer in Dior that i had in other boutiques ( will never forget my first time ever in lv - everything i saw before were cheap fakes of my colleagues - and i was shocked cos i expected the real thing to be so much nicer but it wasnt it was as ugly as the fakes ...:yucky: ) the only line i really like from lv is the epi :heart: and if i ever buy anything from them that will be just this...so i guess its very personal i would never carry a monogram around myself but i would grab my dior with me literally everywhere even to the baker still in my pjs ... no offence intended for lv fans im just trying to show how different points of view can be :yes:
  15. I personally love dior because 1. I don't see too many people carrying fakes and 2. I don't see as many people carrying the real deal either so I like to think that it's more unique. I've definitely gotten way more compliments on my Dior purses than my LV. I like how Dior changes things up a bit every season and while I like some seasons more than others, I don't feel like I'm in competition with every other girl out there for the latest bag. Plus, the SAs at the Dior boutique that I go to are MUCH friendlier than the LV boutique SAs.