Dior Trotter Wallet

  1. Has anyone seen the new (i think) dior romantic trotter wallet? I saw it on the main page of elux (http://eluxury.com), but yet they dont have it featured in the website where we can view additional pictures and all that. im not sure if im making sense. but anyhoo, im talking about the 3 fold one, not the long wallet. it is soo pretty! anyone knows how much it retails for?

    i wish i could do prnt scrn with a mac. then i can post the picture of it. :oh:
  2. [​IMG]

    Here's the picture! The wallet she's holding. :smile:
  3. Oh! Its so cute! Sorry dont know how much it retails for though :shame: I think Kat posted a picture of the longer version that you mentioned in General Discussion.
  4. yeah. but i tend to fall in love with compact wallets more. but thanks abandonedimages! :smile: