Dior Tribal stud earrings

  1. Does anyone own a pair of these gorgeous earrings?
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1372083014.291521.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1372083035.420923.jpg
  2. These are a new style from Pre-Fall 2013 and will be offered in different versions through Cruise 2014. Designed by Camille Miceli they offer a playful new take on the classic pearl stud - you wear the smaller stud on the ear lobe while the larger stud sits behind it.
  3. They are amazing & I must buy a pair! Thank you for the info - I'm happy I haven't missed out on my chance to get a pair.
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  4. They have only just started to arrive so best to enquire at your local boutique on availability.
  5. Thank you!
  6. Anyone bought a pair of these 'tribal earrings' yet? Apparently they are in store :smile:
  7. Yep they've arrived.
  8. What was your thoughts on them nice in real life? It's hard to tell the size plus there's the colours to choose from too!
  9. Love 'em. The cream version is stunning in real life. The rear pearl is larger than I thought it'd be and the overall finish is great; it feels really substantial for costume jewellery.
  10. That's great I really want a pair! Thank you :smile:
  11. They look beautiful! Would love to see a modeling pic if you get them :smile:
  12. Model pictures from Dior:

  13. :loveeyes: So elegant, with a twist.
  14. I wonder how heavy they will be? They look amazing on the model!
  15. Those are too cool! Obsessed
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