Dior Trailer Bags--Good for 2001, Great for 2007

  1. I once read an article in a fashion magazine that said when the season for a particularly limited/trendy designer item is done, put it away for 5 years and when you take it out it will seem new again. It's been 6 years since John Galliano stole my heart with the trailer bag. Fall's hottest trend is patent leather, especially red -- so what could be better than taking my trailer bag out for another spin? Bring on fall. I can't wait.

    Anyone else feeling the trailer bag?
  2. Please show us a photo. I've never seen it before. It'll be new to me. :tup:
  3. here are two bags from the trailer trash collection... there were lots of variations though


  4. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    I love those Dior advertisement pics, may I ask where did you get them? If at all possible, could you post some more of other Dior handbag collection advertisments!

    Thank you so much.
  5. I have the one on the bottom in black and red. Cute, isn't it? They did a line of matching costume jewelry, too. There was a Chris 1947 license plate necklace (it was a military dog-tag with a razor blade) and matching earrings. And then there was the bottle-cap jewelry. I miss seeing all the wild stuff Galliano could come up with. If only they'd let him run wild again.
  6. Awesome, time to dig mine out too ! :graucho:

    I was just thinking the other day how the quilted patent at the bottom would look so cute with the new coat I bought.. yay for fashion vindication !
  7. ya

    dior is so boring now...

    I don't remember where i found those pictures actually

    although there are some advertisements on bwgreyscale.com

    those are the only two ads from that season w/ trailer bags

    but here are some runway shots which might entertain a couple of you

  8. mmmmm...Justin i feel like i wanna raid your computer and grab all those fab pics you have stored there ! :wlae: