Dior Tag Inside Bag............what Does A Hiole Punched In The Tag Mean?????????????

  1. Hello,

    I have seen this a couple of times and was curious, what does it mean when a hole has been punched through the leather Dior tag inside the bag (see pics below)?

    Any assistance would be sincerely appreciated. Thanks!

  2. I'm thinking either it was sold to an employee or it was purchased at a huge sale to prevent returns
  3. Your right, it's to prevent returns, dior hole punch the tags, chanel texta mark the inner tags etc.
  4. Interesting photos... I've never seen punched out tags. :wtf:
  5. it's from an outlet, i believe.
  6. I think that LV does the same, but I am not 100% on that one. But it is definitely to prevent returns.
  7. I have purchase some bags from the Outlet and they don't have any punched holes. :confused1::idea:
  8. The hole punched bags are not necessarily from the outlet stores.

    It is more a final clearance no returns accepted type scenario eg may be an ex display bag or deeply discounted no returns.
  9. Maybe the bags are from the NM and Saks 'outlet' stores. I have heard that they do that to their last call bags.