Dior Sunglasses, Yay or Nay!

  1. Of course I need you guys' input, my DH says their old lady in Palm Beach but I'm drawn to them, are they over the top? Thanks guys! Pic is from NM.com
  2. Really ? That'd be one styling old lady, those glasses are awesome !
  3. Kinda cute. I just couldnt pull em off bcuzz of the shape of my face.
  4. Yay I haven't "seen" fendifemale in a bit! My face is long, so I need big squares
  5. I would love those if it weren't were for the design at the corner of the lense. I only like designs on the ear pieces. Other than that, they're awesome.
  6. Yay. I think they are cute.
  7. I like them.
  8. The shape is okay if you can pull it off but not diggin' the bling bling on the sides. It they were just plain black with "Dior", then it would be ok. Just not my cup of tea IMO.
  9. I love it!!
  10. I like the shape..
  11. Cute!
  12. Nay for me :/

    Only because I know they would slide off my little nose and I dont like the crystal things on the side. .
  13. i love Dior sunglasses in general, especially this pair. Yaaaaaaaaaay, for me.
  14. I love the shape and color but am not a fan of the little sunbursts. The 'DIOR" on the side would have been enough of a statement.
  15. Big NAY - shape is nice but the rhinestones???? Gross