1. I found some Dior sunglasses, from a few years ago, which were "made in austria." I always thought they were only made in italy or paris. Does anyone have Dior sunglasses which were made in austria, or know if real Dior sunglasses are even ever made in austria?
  2. The Dior sunglasses on E Luxury say "Made In Italy"

    So I assume thats where all of them are made..

    I don't know if they were previously made in Austria or not.:shrugs:
  3. I believe the Safilo group makes their sunglasses...so where ever they make them is where theyre made, lol...but I have numerous pairs of Diors and some are indeed made in Austria. :yes:
  4. thank you! I just had to know if they were real or not :yes: that certainly helps!
  5. I have some old old vintage ones from my aunt, and they are also made in Austria. So I thin it's very possible.
  6. Mine are from Italy :smile:
  7. mine are made in italy as well