dior summer skirt

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  1. I was wondering what people thought about this skirt...tacky? i'm a total designer addict and i'm trying to tone down on the tackiness of my collection but it's soso hard.....and my boyfriend's comments of "meh" to everything i show him aren't the biggest help..
  2. Its alright, cute on certain types of people. If you can pull it off, go for it!
  3. I'm confused....is it a minidress or skirt? I think that if it is a skirt, it is cute (logos in little doses).
  4. it's a skirt over a bathing suit...i think i'll try to post a normal-sized picture so here goes...
  5. It is adorable! If you want it buy it.
  6. As a swimsuit and cover-up -- a-dior-able! As a skirt and tank -- ick!
  7. I think its kinda cute
  8. where's the pic from?
    i have never seen that skirt.
  9. I think eLux- I saw it before too... I don't think it is for me though
  10. it is from elux...it's more of a cover up than a skirt but i feel like it'd be kinda hard to pull off especially on someone as short as me...too much pattern can overwhelm a girl but i still can't decide if i like it or not....:sad2:
  11. well, i think it's cute but the fabric is kinda cheap. i'm not sure polyester is worth 300 bucks.
  12. I figured i'd just get it as a fun summer cover up since it's not that expensive and then I woudln't feel too guilty over getting sick of it after a few weeks...i feel like after having been obsessed with designer items for so long i've lost all conception of what's expensive or not tho....
  13. it's not really expensive, just wanted to let you know that the fabric isn't either :smile:

    so if you like it, go for it!