dior summer skirt


Nov 28, 2005
I was wondering what people thought about this skirt...tacky? i'm a total designer addict and i'm trying to tone down on the tackiness of my collection but it's soso hard.....and my boyfriend's comments of "meh" to everything i show him aren't the biggest help..


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it's a skirt over a bathing suit...i think i'll try to post a normal-sized picture so here goes...
it is from elux...it's more of a cover up than a skirt but i feel like it'd be kinda hard to pull off especially on someone as short as me...too much pattern can overwhelm a girl but i still can't decide if i like it or not....:sad2:
I figured i'd just get it as a fun summer cover up since it's not that expensive and then I woudln't feel too guilty over getting sick of it after a few weeks...i feel like after having been obsessed with designer items for so long i've lost all conception of what's expensive or not tho....