Dior Summer Play Lip Gloss Dice ?'s

  1. Hey ladies!

    I just picked this up yesterday and I'm in love :love: :yahoo:

    Do any of you have it? Do you USE it? I don't even want to use it! LOL! I don't know if it'll be a collector's item later....

    What do you do with it? Use it as a bag charm, or...?

  2. i bought it from Sephora and it's so pretty and precious i never used it. it's also too heavy for a bag charm and i'm afraid the silky ties would come undone. i have it on my dresser in it's box and it's just eye candy for me. if Dior comes out with more i am definitely getting it. i missed out on the last silver edition.
  3. I've got one.. i used it once, but I'm too scared to take it out as a bag charm incase it falls off!
  4. Can u tie it to your wrist as bracelet? It'll look good and you will be aware of it at all times since you feel it? Wear it, show it off! ;)
  5. I use it as a bag charm,
    You just have to do a few Knots and your good to go!