Dior subforums??

  1. Hey guys... we've got louis, gucci, chanel, etc... what about Dior??
  2. I'd Love Dior!!!
  3. I love Dior too!
  4. Got my vote!
  5. grrrr~~~~~~~~i love DIOR!!
  6. yessss lets have a DIOR one!!! :smile:
  7. Yes! That a good idea! I love Dior and would love to have it own subforum! Hope Vlad and Megs bless us with this!
  8. That'd be great!
  9. Hi!! - just joined tonight in search of tips on spotting fake diors!! - any ideas?? - esp on the gauchos??................I LOVE this site -sooooo happy to have found it by accident today!!.........:roflmfao:
  10. DIOR :yahoo:
  11. yes i would like a dior forum aswell pleaaseeeeee
  12. brilliant idea!
  13. OMG of course!! I concur!!
  14. YES!! where are all my DIOR ADDICTS????????!!!!!!!!!!! :heart:3333333333
  15. Any update on this - can we pls have a dior sub forum ... pretty pls :smile: