Dior Store Return Policy

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  1. I purchased a medium diorama today from the Holt Renfrew store in Vancouver, Canada. I was very excited to get this bag but was wondering what Dior's store policy is on purchases. When the SA was giving me my receipt, she advised that I could exchange only within 14 days.
    I've been thinking about this since I got home and don't feel this is right but can't see anything on the Dior website that says exchange only. The SA wrote "exchange only" on the receipt as well. This has changed the way I feel about this purchase. I feel that I should have the option of return/exchange with 14 days. Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks for your time.
  2. Anytime I buy any Dior bags in Canada they all come with the 'exchange only' stamp on the receipt. I've never had to exchange anything and I have a good relationship with my SA k. Montreal so I am confident in my purchase and the after care should I need it (luckily I have yet to).

    I have noticed from some of the comments and threads here that the exchange or store credit policy does exist for at least some regions (ie the UK) but I'm not sure if it is a global policy or rather a policy that differs region to region.
  3. Thank you Hightea_xx
  4. In Australia there are no refunds - only exchange or store credit. It's a pain & really puts the pressure on to examine every detail. I envy those in the US that can return things. At our other stores in Australia there are refund policies in place, apart from the Luxury stores.
  5. What if you buy though David Jones? In Melbourne Dior is a concession at DJ - pretty sure you could return there according to store policy?

    E x
  6. I'm pretty sure it says on the receipt no refunds.......I brought through DJs in Brisbane (but I shall double check the receipt when I get home and report back)
  7. I think it would have to be within a certain amount of days (10) as long as the product is still in its new condition for credit note or exchange. Strictly no change of mind for refunds though.

    I have the receipt in front of me and it mentions:
    Refunds and replaces will be given only in circumstances where there is a major breach of a consumer guarantee and the rejection of the good is notified to Christian Dior within the rejection period as required by the Australian Consumer Law, or as otherwise required under the Australian law. Refunds will be given in the same form of payment as used for the original purchase.
  8. That is what I understand about the refund policy in Australia at Dior too even if purchased through David Jones stores. We have to be so careful here in Australia with the choices we make when purchasing high end products.
    In a way I understand it because there have been times you read how someone can buy an item then take it home and switch it with a fake and return it - I have read how that has happened at Chanel recently - a lady returning fakes and keeping the real ones. Sad it is like that, but I can understand their tough stance really with such big high end ticket prices and they have to protect their name and reputation too, if they accidentally accepted back a replica and sold it to a customer it would be devasting all round.