Dior Store in Paris!

Beach Bum

Feb 17, 2006
Remember how Jillybean and I went to Paris France last month..I got a My Dior single pocket bag(not available in the usa!) and a pair of matching shoes..Spent over 2000 dollars in the store on AVE. Montaigne.Out of all the boutiques in PAris..It was the best SA experience we had.The SA was A SWEETIE.
Well,Today..to my utter shock..I got in the mail..DIRECT from AVENUE MONTAIGNE,Paris store..ROFL..a GORGEOUS color catalogue and note from this SA!
How is that for service!SO IMPRESSED!Will try to photgraph the book for pics of all the new bags for you all to see.....such a great catalogue!!!
Oooooh Jill, you must post the piccies! :nuts: We'd love to see it. :love: I never get catalogues here in the UK even though I'm on their mailing list. The SA told me before though that they never get enough copies. So I guess they give it to their more frequent customers. :sad:
wow, that's really fantastic service from the SA! and yes Jill, i think we'd all love to look at those catalogue pictures! :drool: your trip to paris sounds absolutely wonderful.