Dior Spring Summer 2019

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  1. Credit to Bagaholicboy.
    bagaholicboy - Bsac2NOjp-4.jpg
    The detailing on this Book Tote print is phenomenal. :loveeyes: Now I'm having second thoughts about the Blue version.
    bagaholicboy - BsXakSOjteY.jpg
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  2. Does anyone know if there is an official date that the spring summer collection will be available in stores, or will items just be trickling in?
  3. Actually Dior boutique start to preorder the book totes for spring/summer collection & I did preordered this pink one more than a week ago! It’s going to take more than a month, can’t wait to see my new book tote!
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  4. Belt Saddles for SS19. Credit to eddyluxurygoods.
    eddyluxurygoods - Bs7Hr-Vgzh1_Bs7Hr5ugTwm.jpg eddyluxurygoods - Bs7Hr-Vgzh1_Bs7Hr5tgWHi.jpg eddyluxurygoods - Bs7Hr-Vgzh1_Bs7Hr5tAXH7.jpg eddyluxurygoods - Bs7Hr-Vgzh1_Bs7Hr5sA2Qi.jpg
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  5. They look cute. But I personally cannot get over the thought that it is still a fanny pack, the ugliest fashion legacy from the 80s. Am I becoming boring? Or shall I pretend that I wasn’t even born back then and therefore don’t know that these existed before?
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  6. But this one gives you the option of attaching a strap on top, and I think it is detachable from the belt so both the belt and the bag can be used separately (not the last one. I don't think that one comes with clips for a detachable strap).

    I agree fanny packs in their original iteration with the tapering panels between the bag and the belt strap are ugly, but some brands have managed to make them look better, and are no longer to be worn around the waist necessarily. They can now be worn as sling bags, too.
  7. Some pictures of the accessories, which will be available starting tomorrow on the Dior US website:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. Thank you for the photos AJ.
    Is it just me or those sunglasses make the poor girl look ugly by totally changing her face proportions. Poor sick dragonfly
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  9. Yeah they certainly don't flatter. I think they are more for statement only.

    Came across these Danseuse pieces (bracelet and choker). I love them!
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  10. It seems like the website removed quite a few bags! I ordered the new Jadior bracelets online! So maybe now that they are selling online they are limiting the selection??
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  11. I noticed that too. I live close by a store so it's not such a big deal to me, but I imagine the lack of online inventory would be problematic for those that live far from one.
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  12. I would hope this is temporary. They just started selling online in the US so I think they might be starting with basic bags and a handful of accessories (lots of blacks for now...)Maybe this is what the warehouse has in stock. However they should show the other bags/items and just say "available in boutiques" similar to what the European site does. The US site is quite limited/boring right now for browsing purposes...
  13. Yes! Plus it is nice to see what is out now- like before.
  14. Thanks:smile: Good points! That makes sense.
  15. Has anyone seen the new SS18 powder pink Lady Dior in mini size?