Dior Spring Summer 2019

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  1. via Elle Thailand IG.
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  2. I love the logo belts. From the looks of it, there are two versions, one with the Dior Saddle aged hardware and the other more flatter and sharper.
  3. IMG_0270.jpg
  4. I liked most things but not so much the bags
  5. I love how they are now using this CD as a buckle. They featured it for their "parfums" line and then in the lining of the Lady Dior bags in the past, but somehow never became a belt buckle.
  6. A lot of nice accessories from the re-see! Yes, I like these buckles. These accessories show they are really are unifying Dior Women’s and men’s.
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  7. Anyone knows when would this collection be released at boutiques?
  8. February
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  9. That tie dye floral - wow!
  10. Agreed! I am loving those tie-dyed SLGs! Keen to see how it looks in the Lady Dior as well.
  11. IMG_1756.jpg

    Saddle bag with ultra black hardware for Summer 2019.
  12. If you still want a black one, then this is the one to get! It'll look different enough from the beautiful navy one you just got.
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  13. Anything to justify a purchase! At least, I have until February (at the earliest) to be good. Though I’m still also eyeing an ultra black Diorama - which is also being re released for Summer collection.
  14. Does anyone know how much the new belt bags are going to be?

    I can't stop thinking about them, but on the other hand they look so flat and tiny that I don't know how much use I would actually get :angel:
  15. February/March. Credit to eddyluxurygoods. Love the Blue Book Tote and the Mini J'adior with the same print. :love:
    eddyluxurygoods - Br1LsQ3AVq3_Br1LXQ0ltEs.jpg eddyluxurygoods - Br1LsQ3AVq3_Br1LWqwl357.jpg eddyluxurygoods - Br1LsQ3AVq3_Br1LW5DFqaF.jpg eddyluxurygoods - Br1LsQ3AVq3_Br1LZRAFWcO.jpg eddyluxurygoods - Br1LsQ3AVq3_Br1LZOkFTml.jpg