Dior spring summer 2008 accessories!

  1. ok...what do we think about those shoes, ladies? and more importantly what do we think about those BAGS!!!????:nuts: i know i wont be rushing in the boutique for any of those heels....:nogood:
    77158640.jpg 77158642.jpg 77158690.jpg 77158750.jpg 77158784.jpg
  2. and more... ( ok i lied, i want these with the diamante heel...:graucho::drool:)
    77158845.jpg 77158824.jpg 77158819.jpg 77158829.jpg 77158793.jpg
  3. other accessories...not a hat girl either...
    77156259.jpg 77156267.jpg 77157733.jpg 77158733.jpg 77156184.jpg
  4. and finally ...BAGS!!! i am not overwhelmed in a I HAVE TO HAVE THEM way, but i have a sneaky feeling they will grow on me ...especially the beige suede, yum! :heart:
    77158503.jpg 77158630.jpg 77158661.jpg 77158698.jpg 77158719.jpg
  5. and a few more...
    77158839.jpg 48mh.jpg 55mh.jpg 58mh.jpg 66m.jpg
  6. omg I do love the opening style of the bags ... :drool:
  7. :crybaby::crybaby::sad: i fear for my sanity because this is quite possibly one new dior line i absolutely DO NOT LIKE AT ALL. the samurai bags i was on the fence about, but this one... i really can't find myself liking.
  8. I couldn't wear any of the shoes but I like the look of the bags.
  9. God, I wish I was more like you!:yes:

    I love everything from this collection! Especially the shoes, although somehow I can't picture myself wearing them.....

    Great pics!