Dior Spring 2017, by Maria Grazia Chiuri

  1. How about that revolutionary handbag-turn-clutch with the brand name on it?
    This Moschino is at least 1 year old if I remember it correctly. And there was a heart-shaped bag there too :smile:
  2. Shipping from Paris now...

    IMG_1486174294.419012.jpg IMG_1486174302.131241.jpg IMG_1486174311.295763.jpg IMG_1486174320.230642.jpg IMG_1486174338.250971.jpg IMG_1486174346.022013.jpg IMG_1486174354.003328.jpg IMG_1486174361.609792.jpg IMG_1486174368.519856.jpg
  3. Cont..
    IMG_1486174480.621144.jpg IMG_1486174497.471073.jpg IMG_1486174511.245090.jpg
  4. Cont..
    IMG_1486174685.498288.jpg IMG_1486174700.352926.jpg IMG_1486174709.734072.jpg IMG_1486174717.634393.jpg IMG_1486174724.868576.jpg IMG_1486174731.654288.jpg IMG_1486174740.240779.jpg IMG_1486174748.772639.jpg IMG_1486174755.679049.jpg
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    The aged gold studs look so good against the cognac shade!
    I'm in love with the grain on that gold calfskin Lady! :love:
    That blue studded Diorama is TDF!! :loveeyes:Thanks for sharing these beauties. :tup::hbeat:
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  6. Oh my! Those mini Lady Dior bags are calfskin!!! They look so user-friendly, like they don't need to be babied!
  7. Apparently they are calling these "soft" Lady Diors as they are less structured than the traditional ones!
  8. Those bags are stunning!!!!!!
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  9. The studded dioramas are beautiful especially the blue and gold. The LDs are also beautiful. Don't like the newer styles though.
  10. White and black.. IMG_2161.JPG IMG_2159.JPG IMG_2234.JPG
  11. I'm thinking I want this mono Dior bag!! IMG_1486236534.350610.jpg
  12. And true Dior. Nothing can beat the classics
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  13. These sold out at Saks in just a few hours. IMG_1486244889.388969.jpg
  14. Impressive.
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