Dior Spring 2015 bags from the runway

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    Dior presented its RTW collection yesterday. Here is the review from Tim Blanks.

    I agree with his comment on how Raf's experimentation this season "didn't always work". Some of the combinations seemed a bit odd. There were some beautiful pieces, but they weren't nearly as strong as the looks from Cruise 2015.

    Now, onto the bags.

    The bags are a bit disappointing in that they really copy the Chanel Boy bag. And the only one that I actually like is the one without the lock on the front. The two different locks that are presented on other models looks forced, almost like they shouldn't go with this bag design. In fact, the circular lock looks terrible against the rest of the bag's rectangular shape. If Dior wants to differentiate this bag from the Boy Chanel, then there shouldn't be a lock on the front AT ALL. Without a lock, the bag looks more minimalist and in line with the Raf Simons Dior aesthetic.

    I have posted some pictures below of the bags (all pictures from style.com).

    Dior really has a strong enough aesthetic on its own that it doesn't need to make Dior versions of Chanel bags, although they continue to do so. It doesn't matter if Dior's version has a leather interior or better craftsmanship, because at the end of the day. I would prefer the original from Chanel.

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  2. Here is the full video of the collection:

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  3. Agree re similarities to the boy. But they are beautiful bags!
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  4. Yah I agree with you...I love boy bags and will continue to buy those. this bag is too similar to the boy. Circular closure does look awkward on the bag and not having a lock looks cleaner and along the bags design. I guess I will be sticking with diorissimo and lady diors...
  5. Here is the crocodile version. At least the closure makes it look more unique, but then it would be very fussy to get into.

    This bag made it to WWD's Accessory of the Day (picture from WWD):

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  6. not a big fan of this collection at all. agree that it looks too similar to the boy chanel and the O lock looks v misplaced on this bag design. somehow feel that there's no Dior touchpoint-- could pass off as bags from any other designer (especially the black bag with the blue-white flowers (?) on it) #Yikes #IllPass #NoThanks

  7. So funny I was just about to post crocodile version of the bag and how I like that closure. Definitely unique but probably hard to get in/out of...
  8. I'm very disappointed - I get how the one lock is supposed to look like a badge but in general the closures look very cheap. Additionally, the bag is FAR too close to the chanel boy... just very very disappointing. I haven't been a fan of any of Raf's new handbags to be honest... I know his RTW is amazing but the bags are going downhill in my opinion.
  9. They should've at least changed the way the strap looked so that they could differentiate the bag more. It would be okay if the strap was just a long metal chain with no leather part. Using two thinner chains wrapped around each other (like on the older Dior Le Trente bag) could've made it more unique too.

    I can see the bag looking better if it was plain quilted Cannage all over (without a lock), but let's see what Dior does with this bag. Not all bags on the runway actually make it to production, so let's hope that the ones with the lock don't get produced.

    The version without a lock may stand a chance because unlike the Boy Chanel, it doesn't have a lock at all so it offers something new to the Chanel design.
  10. The RTW was OK this season, not the best in comparison to the past season. I also have to give a thumbs down on these new bags. They are way TOO similar, almost an inspired version, to the Chanel Le Boy.
  11. I love boy bags and will continue to buy those.
  12. I actually really like the large cannage print on it - I'm not sure if it's raised but if if the bag was flat with only the raised outline I'd be all over that. I think like that it's updating the cannage print, but for me the chain just doesn't go... far too masculine and too chanel. I was drawn to dior bags because they were beautifully crafted, feminine and classic - I think with Raf we're losing classic. I'm biased as I still love the old Miss Dior and I much prefer the rectangular chains than the oval ones they now use on the pouches. Still got my eye on the bar and diorissimo but these seasonal bags really do nothing for me.
  13. Not sure how I feel about these bags. One the one hand, I always love a structured bag and I love the way they placed the D.I.O.R bijoux on base of the leather section so it would hang quite high on the shoulder. I do agree that it looks like the Chanel Boy, and I'm sad that there were no variations of the classics, or even the new Be Dior for SS15
  14. How disappointing! They aren't original at all :nogood:
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