Dior Spring 2006

  1. Hello! every one, Im sorry to put up this new tread cause this isnt about the bag but it is about the show of Dior spring 06 season, I really like this collection and I try very very hard to find the video of this whole show but always come up with the short one w/ models interview...ect. so dose anybody have the video or know any site that have the video for me to watch I would be very please!
  2. I loved this show as well... it was VERY intresting.. Goth mixed with old and new. SO, anyways, I found an editted version on YOUTUBE: YouTube - Spring 2006 Haute Couture Dior

    I couldn't really find anything else but backstages too. Sorry.
  3. that was one amazing show, I think you could still take a look at it @ the official dior site!
  4. I first think that too! but once the new collection came out they remove the lod runway away:sad: :sad:

  5. thank you so much! but I am looking for the ready to wear one...:yes: the nude collection, but anyway thanks once again!:heart: