DIOR "speedy 30" bag????? help...

  1. There is a boutique in town that is selling a vintage Dior Speedy bag (in the navy and cream logo pattern) for around $250.00. I really like Navy and have been thinking of getting an LV speedy 30 for some time now, but maybe this bag would be a better buy? It's bit more unique - while still being the same size wise as the LV speedy 30.

    What does everyone think of this price? I don't know if this is fair/good pricing or not? The bag is in good condition with a lot of life left in it.

    Yeah or Neigh?

    I need advice!
  2. I don't know . . .
    I feel like an LV would retain it's value longer = offers better resell value.
    If you think you'd never sell the bag and you prefer it over the LV, then you should snatch it up!
  3. Is it similar in style to the Boston Bag?? I really like that style and you're right, it is more unique compared to the speedy. The Boston Bag retails for $620 US. How vintage is the Dior bag? A few years or 10+ years? If it is quite old, the price is high. You might also want to consider size...since the 30 is a lot bigger.
  4. my friend has the dior speedy looking bag in navy as well...
    its not as classic as the LV, but i do have to point out that it doesnt sag nearly as much as the LV!
  5. I love the vintage Dior Speedy-style bags! I say get it - you can always get an LV at a later date if you wish.
  6. Truly about sag....Dior will hold up their shape better.
    It's a deal if you can get that for 250.00
    Retail price now is 690.00

    I will go for it.
  7. True, you can get an LV later, plus I think $250 is an excellent deal. Also, I see the fact that it doesnt sag as much as the LV as a Plus.
  8. Sounds like a great deal! I say go for it!
  9. Ask if they can knock of $50 they probably will. There is always wiggle room in stores like that.

    Good luck and let us know how it turns out!
  10. I'd say get it! It's a great deal, & like the others said, you can always get the LV speddy later if you're still craving it!