Dior Soft Shopping v. Chanel GST?

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I am trying to decide between the Dior Soft Shopping Large in Patent versus the Chanel GST, beige with gold... I already have the maxi classic in caviar (Chanel) but no Dior yet.

    Help! Any suggestions would be appreciated :smile::p

    Is there heavy sag in either bag??
  2. Although I'm also a Chanel fan and new in Dior land, I'm not really a fan of GST. I find it too boxy and hard to stay on the shoulder. I used to want one though but I find Dior soft more practical and also equally beautiful. I'd suggest you try both on IRL. :smile:
  3. I love the Dior Soft!!! I want one badly. It is so pretty, functional, and much more original than the GST. :smile:
  4. I think it depends on the look that you want to achieve. The Chanel GST is boxy and structured, while the Dior Soft is (literally) soft and less structured. The Dior is less common, though, so if you want something unique, go for the Dior.
  5. how do they each hold up?? I'm so worried that the Dior wont look good on the body
  6. You should try both the Chanel and the Dior at their respective boutiques before making your choice.
  7. I have two Dior soft and a GST. I love both of them and use them both but i am noticing the GST is loosing it's shape a bit after 1 1/2 year of use. ( i use it about 2-3 times a month). I would say go for Dior. It is really pretty.
  8. Gst
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    They're quite different. So it really depends on what you want. Here are two pics from Google to illustrate:

    Dior Soft.jpg

    Chanel GST.jpg

    Shape: The GST will sag from weight and lose shape over time - although there are tips in the Chanel forum for holding this off for as long as possible (i.e. using shaping inserts). The Dior soft is unstructured to begin with, so there is no "stiff" shape to maintain. Also, the Dior soft has a rounded base, so sagging will not really change the look of the Dior.

    Against the body: The GST is like a box against the body. The entire body of the bag is stiff, so a common complaint is that it doesn't lay snug under one's arm & the straps slip off the shoulder. (A common tip is to fold one strap over the other, but this doesn't always work for everyone.) B/c of the boxy shape, the GST is also prone to more everyday wear and tear from bumping into walls/doors, etc. The Dior soft has a slimmer profile than the GST. So it can be tucked under the arm easily, and you can comfortably drape your arm over it.

    Also, the GST will "stand" by itself, but the Dior Soft will not.

    Opening: The GST has a wide opening that is the same length/width as the base. The Dior Soft's opening is narrower than the length/width of the bag by a smidge.

    Exterior appearance: The GST is in caviar vs. patent Lady Dior Soft. They look quite different. The GST is a bit more casual (imo), while the Lady Dior Soft looks a bit "dressier" (although it's still a casual bag).

    HTH. GL.
  10. The Dior Soft does stand on it's own. It has metal feet on the bottom and a flat base, but the base is not as large as the GST version, which is why it doesn't look as boxy.
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    From my experience with it in the boutique, it didn't seem to want to "stand" by itself. It seemed a bit too floppy and top heavy to "stand". But maybe it stands for others. <shrug>

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    Thanks for the link to the pics averagejoe & nice example of the Dior Soft casually worn.

    Maybe these threads should've been combined - since the debate seems similar (?)

    Anyway... Good Luck parisamor on your decision!

  13. I would get the soft :smile:
  14. Seems like the consensus on the Chanel forum is to get the Dior as well (actually, almost everyone said they preferred the Dior).

    This is a first. Usually people are polarized towards Chanel, especially in the Chanel forum. It means that the Dior Soft is quite the bag :smile: