Dior sneakers

  1. I recently bought them, and I'm such love!!
    They are SUPER soft!

  2. oh wow i really like them =]
    i wish they made shoes like that for men!!
    id be all over them.. lol.
  3. I haven't seen them in real life. Do they have an arch in them...or are they completely flat inside?
    They are very nice. Congrats!
  4. Awww thanks!! :smile: hehe

  5. They arch and are super soft! :smile:
    They are more comfortable than my chanel and gucci sneakers ;)
  6. That's cool, I am going to have to get a pair. The Chanel and LV one's hurt my feet.
    Where did you get them?
  7. I bought them at Neimans. I hope you find a pair! ;)
  8. Thank you.

    Congrats again, I really like them. Excellent choice :biggrin:
  9. So cute- congrats!
  10. those are some nice sneaks!!
  11. wow I love those! Gorgeous :biggrin:
  12. Mmmmm... they look so soft. Congrats!
  13. They are sooo pretty!
  14. What a perfect blend of style with sportiness!!! I love these!
  15. They are great!

    I got a pair of Dior Sneakers from past collection. It is nice but very uncomfy ;(