Dior small Saddle Bag??

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  1. Hi there! I found this bag at an Estate sale last year, and am not sure if it's the real deal, or a fake. I'm in the process of taking pictures that are clear, but I'll just tell you what the inside tag says to start with....Christian Dior and then under it Paris, when you turn the tag over(flips up) it says...MADE IN SPAIN, and then under it has the following code...MC 0073

    Are there any tell tale signs to see if this is authentic??? Thanks in advance for your help!!! Michele
  2. ^
    the tag is correct
    most of the small saddle bags are made in spain i think

    edit: but that doesn't mean it is definitely authentic
    you should post pics :]
  3. Hi there!
    Finally got my camera to sync up to my pc! I took a few pics, and forgive me if they aren't the best...I'm a newbie! If someone could take a look at these, and give me their opinion on the authenticity...I'd appreciate it so much! If you need more photos, let me know, I will be happy to take more.
    Thank you!
  4. OK....I'm going to try this again...my images were too big.
  5. i say real deal ! :tup:
  6. OK....Thank you so much, but would you be as bold as to list it on eBay as the real deal? I would never list anything calling it authentic, if it wasn't. Thanks so much for your help. If you want better pics, let me know.
    Freezing in Wisconsin.....-9!
  7. you can put it on eBay no probs:yes:...before you freeze completely !;) sending you warm waves from plus 10 degrees Denmark !
  8. Thank you soooo much!!!
    Denmark....wow!!!! I'd love to travel someday...Denmark being one of my stops!
  9. just let me know when you`re around ! ;)
  10. Bag is adorable. Did you get a great deal? I'm always hoping to get a fabulous deal at a yard sale or a consignment shop. I got a pair of brand new dolce & gabbana sandals for $25 and I almost fainted. You don't want to keep it? It's a cute bag.