Dior Shoes

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  1. Quite agree, when I am in Paris I try to attend the boutique in Avenue Montagne, where the choice was always rich. I was there a few days ago, actually nothing attracted me. "Much ado about nothing" .
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  2. There is a thread about fusions, check there. But I can tell you here that I have the same problem. I also go a size up because they are tight on my big toe. Same with the opening. It does stretch but at the beginning I have to wear them with a silicon protection sticker. I have 4 pairs, 3 are ok now, but the first one still gives me blisters so I am not wearing them or only wear them with socks with jeans
  3. I wonder if the kitten heel slingback in technical fabric is still available in Dior boutiques in LA? It's out of stock everywhere in asia and europe
  4. This thread made me wanna buy sweet cannage lambskin pumps and share the picture with everyone :heart:
    Sadly couldn't find them in store
  5. I don't know there is any in LA .But I have see the kitten heel slingback in technical fabric in TOKYO omotesando store .
  6. Try Bloomingdales
  7. Thanks guys! My SA in Rodeo Drive found them in DC. Have to pay them via phone and have them shipped to the Rodeo branch for pickup by my sister who's in the US right now. Thomas, the SA in the Rodeo Drive branch did an amazing job at finding that specific shoe for me. Im sooo happy!!

    Will post pics once I get a hold of them.
  8. Congrats!!!!! I think u hit the right timing!!!
    I was desperately searching for them for nearly a month since Feb and finally paid and ordered a pair in mid March~

    Just got the call 2 days ago for pick up so I think they have just done a big lot!!

    Enjoy and do post action pics twinsie! ^^
  9. Where did you get these
  10. Wow congrats! Yes I've been eyeing this pair since Feb. It was available in Paris around 2nd week of March when I called my SA (unfortunately they only allow 48hours for reservation ) but when I went to Europe end of March, it was soldout in Paris, London and Amsterdam that's why I settled for the nude flats for the moment. Good thing my sister went to the US this spring haha! It was the last pair in my size so I think it's meant to be.
  11. Managed to pick up a pair of these, in love!

    Photo May 31, 4 37 23 PM (1).jpg
  12. Love these!! How does the size fit?
  13. It runs true to size but if you have wide feet, get half size up :smile:

    Hasana, gorgeous shoes! We're shoetwins :smile:
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  14. Finally I got the slingbacks!! I got the red patent one over the black lambskin(?). This is so out of my comfort zone as I always buy black shoes. What do you think is better? Here are the photos of the shoes on me, excuse my ugly legs :sad:
    IMG_5744.JPG IMG_5755.JPG
  15. ^Red looks really good on your outfit! I think both colors are great.
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