Dior Shoes

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  1. Did you like the latest Dior RTW collection shown in Paris? I think that this collection has something for everyone (for every age).
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  2. This makes me sound so old :smile:)))
    It's not even the age, it's just that my style is more elegant
    I have a small waste and DD (problem, right?), so baggy or squarish designs look awful on me

    Honestly, I was so disappointed by cruise (which is usually my favourite) that didn't even watch WF.
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  3. Oh no I didn't mean that about your age. I remember some comments here for Maria Grazia Chiuri's Dior debut saying that the styles looked like they were for teenagers and early twenties (looks like they were from TopShop), and I felt this newest collection wasn't just targeting a group of that age.

    I think the following looks are very elegant and would look wonderful on you.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. Agree, these look better.
    Hope she will keep on moving in this direction.
    This includes the new costume jewellery (which, according to my daughter, looks "wonderfully cheap", she meant the brass collection).
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  5. I actually like the new costume jewelry. I can even find pieces that I would wear as a guy. The costume jewelry isn't as elegant as before, though. And it does look a bit "cheaper" because it looked more precious before. Prices don't reflect this, unfortunately. I do find paying $720 for a brass chain J'ADIOR bracelet (which I really want) quite insane. It certainly doesn't look like it is worth that price.
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  6. Hi ladies! I'm loving the J'adior flat sling backs, if anyone has any modeling pictures please share! IMG_1489867956.877208.jpg
  7. I love these! I think they look very cute on you., could you share the price I'm in love with the white with SHW. Thank you
  8. omgg congrats! I've been eyeing on these too but not sure how Dior's sizing goes..
  9. Wanted to share my new beauties, love them so much! IMG_1491664955.992358.jpg IMG_1491664972.779102.jpg
  10. ^^love those flats!! If you don't mind sharing, how much for those beauties and also if you know the price for the kitten heels in USD?

    Got them in nude in London :smile:

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  11. Thank you! I've already worn them so much!
    Thank you! They are $790USD I believe the kitten heel is the same price but I'm not positive. Patent leather is $840USD
  12. They are beautiful in nude! The "fashion tape" colour goes really well with the nude colour. Congratulations!
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  13. I got these beauties a week ago. My SA told me these were one of the last ones left in the store. I'm very happy! :biggrin:

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  14. Anyone can help me with the Fusion sneakers ? I tried on a few pairs but finding that not only do I have to go a size up, the opening is also a bit tight. How can you loosen up the elastic so that it is not hurting your feet ? TIA.
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