Dior Shoes

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  1. my first Dior sneakers
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  2. Congrats on your new shoes.
    I am thinking to get the white one but so afraid of dirts, did you try the black color? Should I buy the black color easy to handler?
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  3. the black is definitely easier to maintain and also very pretty. i'm on a long hunt for white sneakers that's why i went with white pair but if i have an extra money i would also buy the black one. if you want a low maintenance sneakers, get the black. they are also good to match with every outfit. you can check instagram for outfit inspirations. hope this helps. :smile:

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  4. When you wait for long enough... I just had a pair of beautiful Dior boots at a true bargain price. They will be perfect together with a Gaucho bag. Here´s one very happy Dior fan!

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  5. This is half size bigger on me so I sized down . It is pretty on .

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  6. Hi all, i'm considering buying the slingbacks, 65mm either in regular leather or patent leather. I have a question to fellow tpfers who had the slingbacks for some time - how are the shoes holding up, especially the elastic part?

    I tried them in store, and it seemed like I had to go at least 1/2 size up (i.e. 38.5 in Manolos, and 39 in the slingbacks), otherwise my heels seemed to be spilling over the back of the shoes. In contrast, most of you seemed to be sizing down (just an interesting observation)
  7. I'm getting mixed responses about the sizing of Dior sneakers. Some told me that it's a true size, some said they run big. Unfortunately I don't have Dior boutique nearby. Anyone can give me a comparison with different brands for example? With Chanel I have to take size 40 for sneakers, but then I can take Gucci in 39. I'm eyeing the leather Dior, not canvas. TIA!
  8. One of my most comfortable shoes -- they needed no breaking in and I was wholly blister-free even after being on my feet for hours at a time. I have the 65 mm in black patent, the flats in blue velvet (fall 2017) and the mesh (summer 2018). The straps have held up well. Dior said they'll adjust them when they stretch out.

    I actually went down a half size for two pairs and a full size for the mesh. It's odd that you needed to size up.
  9. Report from Dior
    These are on sale
  10. Just Wooow!! I want them all
  11. They are very flattering and comfortable. First, I wanted these in pearly leather. But alas that strap is cutting into my bunion
  12. I tried on the Dior clogs and the strap is loose or it feels like its slipping there is no way to adjust the strap can anyone give any information on how to fix this problem? The Sa said a lot of customers have an issue with this. Thanks for any help.
  13. i love my first Dior Sneakers - with embroidered oblique :heart:

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  14. I love these! I'm thinking of either the oblique or the Toile de Jouy print. Are they comfortable? True to size?
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  15. Wow!!! I love these! These are sold out in Toronto :sad: