Dior Shoes

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  1. Thank you averagejoe - also for anyone who is curious I found them at Saks in Toronto for CAD$1095 black patent version. I hope they look as nice in person as in pictures.. Really debating whether I should get these or those slingbacks... They are soo prettyyyyy...
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  2. So im torn between the pumps posted above and these derby shoes. I havent found any information on price for these, does anyone know?

  3. Anyone know if Saks carries this? 1513617810_KCI485VEA_S900_E02_Z.jpg
  4. Bought my first pair of Dior shoes last week, I'm so in love with them!!!

  5. The laces are really interesting, especially how they are adjusted!
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  6. Yes, I love that there isn't a bow! It gives them a cleaner look.
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  7. So sorry I didn’t come into forum for awhile!
    I have bought the shoes! But other design ❤️
  8. My wish list came true! And here’s my first Dior Shoes - Dior BabyD :heart:

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  9. I know this post is old but whoo that RED! :ps:

    Congratulations, I hope they feel as good as they look
  10. Congratulations, they are very sweet
  11. Thanks :amuse:
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  12. Does the Dior boutique have sales on shoes?
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  13. Which of the jimmy choo romy 65(on Nordstrom) or dior d stiletto 65 both patent are better made nicer of last longer and comfy to wear.
  14. They should both have good quality. I like the Dior more because it has a star on the sole.
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