Dior shoes

  1. This forum is so darn dangerous. Now I want lots of Dior shoes!!

    Does the outlets still have sale on them? I need..lots of shoes :smile: At least in my mind :yes:

    I don't think I will be able to go back to buying normal shoes now :sad: Like from..Aldo etc.
  2. :supacool: some pics of dior shoes

  3. and some more....

  4. and some more

  5. my friend just bought this pair [​IMG]
    they look so fragile!
  6. You can call the outlets and ask if they are still on sale. They'll take pictures for you and e-mail them if you ask them to do so. I know they were going very fast and didn't have my sizes left at least woodbury location so you should call them up soon.
  7. I have these in black and they are very comfy!! love them :smile:
  8. Ok the I love dior flats are too cute
  9. Nice ones.... I like the new Dior Western Ballerina Flats with that gaucho saddle buckle...its soooo darn beautiful! Just too expensive at the moment..
  10. [​IMG]Love these
  11. i know what you mean...i have 2 sandals and 1 pair of pumps...i love Diors!
  12. The flats are adorable!

    There is a Dior Outlet in Orlando FL at the Premium Outlets I believe and they had a lot of shoes. Didn't check the prices though. They also had a bunch of jewelry that was an additional 50% off.
  13. :drool: :drool:
  14. silver.JPG