DIOR SHOES to match your gauchos...girls???!!!

  1. [​IMG]OMG! LOVE THESE DIOR SHOES- AT Saks!!!!!! I will so buy them when they come in(they are on pre-order...yum!)
  2. Lovely, although I'd worry about blisters with the ever-hugging heel. Earrings, shoes, and a bag all matching. Sassy!
  3. They are really pretty actually. I approve! hehe go get em girl!
  4. I love the buckle and the little key, very cute !
  5. love 'em!!! :love:
  6. (((((((((Love)))))))))


    *wishes I could walk in heels*
  7. LOVE them! The heel looks puckered as if it's elasticized? That may actually make it more comfy, yes?
  8. very chic~!
  9. OHHHHH cute
  10. they're really, really cute, but i'd be afraid of being too matchy-matchy.
  11. Wonder how they feel on the heel...but cute shoe otherwise! Let us know how they are
  12. sooo cute. i wish i could wear those. small feet. can't walk in high heels!
  13. Cute shoes! They would rock carrying the Gaucho :love:
  14. I love the little key... it's so cute!!! :love:
  15. OMG ooo so so so cute - do they have them in white? I have a white gaucho bag and i want the shoes to match!!!!