Dior shoes - sizes?

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  1. With all the Dior shoes being revealed lately I know you are just the right people to ask :biggrin: Are they true to size? I've been looking at the Blue Angel sandals a lot but before I decide whether to get a pair or not it would be great to know a little about sizes!
  2. I'd love to help here, only I don't know anything about Dior shoe sizes, so I'm no help but I'm sure someone else can help ;)
  3. Unfortunately Dior doesn't always make it easy to buy shoes untested because sometimes certain styles don't run true to size. For example, I'd recommend going up half a size to one whole size when buying a clog, even if it's a true fit in a pump from the same collection. Then of course a pump from one collection could run smaller or bigger than a pump from another collection. For this reason, mum's Dior shoes run the gamut from 36.5 to 37, 37.5 to 38.

    I don't know specifically about the Blue Angels; perhaps someone more knowledgable than me can answer!
  4. I wear the same size (40) in Dior as in Gucci. But I only own one pair of Diors though...
  5. Sizes seem to be mixed. I have a pair of open-toe ankle strap pumps that are my normal size (38.5) but my flat Klimt sandals are a 39.
  6. I totally agree with Eminere! It depends on the specific shoe.
  7. My Diors vary half size only between 38 and 38.5, I find them quite consistent actually:smile:
  8. dior shoes are very good quality but they run small . i bought a pair of boots i had to buy one size up my regular one .
  9. I'm a US 8.5, but all of my (comfortable) Diors are a 39. One pair I could only get in a 38.5, and it's a tight fit, but worth it, LOL!
  10. I am normally size 6 and my Dior shoes vary from 6-6.5. Here are how my shoes fit:

    Gladiator Sandals - 6 fits, 6.5 won't fit as the arch would not snuggle to the feet.

    Sait Tropez Mule - 6.5. 6 was too small.

    Cannage Bootie - 6. Tried 6.5 but my feet keep sliding forward. It may work if I tuck in some support in front of the toe box.

    Samourai Sandals - 6.5 fits loosely. 6 may work too.

    Deco Mule and Gaucho Western Denum Ballerina - 6 fits like a glove. 6.5 may also work.

    ***I don't know if this helps or makes it more difficult for you, my Dior Hypnotist? :girlwhack:
  11. i think without trying the pair you really want its really hard to know if it will fit or not
  12. It did help - so thank you all :biggrin: Unfortunately it just confirmed the necessity of trying them on before getting them, so I guess I will have to wait till November *sigh*
  13. I am a size US 9 and all my Dior's are a size 40 (boots, ballet flats, and pumps)
  14. Blue Angel- I usually wear size 37.5 and the pumps fit perfectly, therefore I would say that they are true to size.