Dior shoes..casual and so comfy!

  1. :amazed: LOVE these shoes...worn them since I picked them up 30% off at Saks!
    [​IMG]These Diors were normally 420-high for flats..but I couldnt resist the sale price..I cant beleive how many shoes I bought in the last week!LOL! HIGHLY recommend them..they came in black too....
  2. I am proud of you for buying on sale!
  3. i loved them when i saw them at Saks yesterday, i'm still a little upset they didnt have my size but i'm glad you got them and are enjoying them! they look great!
  4. ^ AWWWWWE! THANKS!**sniff**..I am learning...slowly...LOL!:shame:
  5. thy're sooooo cute!:love:(love the louie too!)
    i saw them in fuchsia in the store, but my size wasn't available...:cry:
  6. ^FUSCHIA!!!!!??????**drool**...please dont tell me that!LOL!
  7. Those look like softball coaching shoes! Very cute and I love the flats. Remember we do wear the same shoe size. (hint, hint)
  8. Great shoes!
  9. Oh my god!!! I LOOOOVE your Dior shoes! They are so cute and look very comfy!
  10. ^they even survived a rainy softball game..LOL!:shame: dont ask....
  11. Love them!:shocked: :love:
  12. Jill, are they true to size? I have been lusting over a pair of loafers but have never tried them on yet
  13. ^ yes,They are true to size.
  14. where did you get those LV sandals? I can't find them online anywhere. sniff, sniff.:sad:
  15. I love Dior, even the super high heels (my fave) are comfy! Do we have a "shoe-case" for our shoe photos?
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