Dior Scarf Hem Question

  1. Hi Dear Experts,
    General question: are hems on Dior scarves
    hemmed upward like Hermes?
    Thanks very much!
  2. It depends on the style of the scarf. Some Dior scarves are hemmed, while some have an unfinished edge as part of the design of the scarf.
  3. Thank you, AJ -- and if they are hemmed, the hems roll up?
  4. Here are some Dior scarves from eBay to compare some of the hems (I'm not too sure what "roll-up" means in terms of the hem). These scarves are a few years old, but I'm sure that new scarves are finished in a similar way.



  5. Ah I see. I just meant rolled upward to the "right" side like Hermes scarves.
    Thanks very much..
  6. Yes the scarf hems are like Hermes rolled to the front of the scarf - you can see on my scarf here:-
  7. Does anyone know if this is always the case? I have a vintage Dior scarf and the hems are rolled toward the back. I don't think it's fake but I don't know this for a fact. Some of the scarves on eBay look like the hems are rolled toward the back but it's hard to tell in pictures. Thanks for any light any of you experts can shed on this issue!
  8. It depends on when the scarves were made as well. "Vintage" Dior scarves were not manufactured the same way as the current scarves.
  9. Interesting... Thanks!