Dior sales in Vegas were nice to me, my first pieces!

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  1. I'm usually an LV girl, but Dior is slowly growing on me and I made my first 2 purchases! The SAs were nice and extremely helpful at both Caesars, Bellagio and Wynn Diors.

    A cute bag I'll enjoy using in the summertime and shoes that carried me out to dinner and dancing:




    The new lambskin soled mules at Dior were insanely comfortable and cute, but I couldn't justify another purchase.

    I also nabbed J'adore perfume which smells heavenly to complete my Dior expierence. :love:

    My Las Vegas LV loot here!
  2. LOVE THEM! The shoes are fabulous! congrats!
  3. LOVE the bag AND the SHOES! Hot :tender:
  4. Great Items :heart: Congrats:biggrin:

    mules are TDF :heart: enjooy
  5. those shoes are super cute!
  6. Very very nice items... i'm very envious of all these sales in the US.
  7. wow...I love love love the sandals!!! It looks really good on you :smile:
  8. i have the same bag

    you will love it :yahoo: CONGRATS
  9. Congratulations.
  10. Thank you! It makes me look forward to carrying it even more :biggrin:
  11. Thank you ladies! I was looking at more Dior shoes to buy today, I think I've created a new addiction. :blush:
  12. congrats!
  13. loving ur new stuff
  14. Hee.I know what you mean about Dior shoes. They're lovely.
  15. OMG! Those shoes are so adorable (especially the little charms)!