Dior Sale

  1. Just to give you guys a headsup, Dior is taking 10% off until the end of the month. My SA just called me about it yesterday. I really wish there were something there that I wanted to buy!:cry: I'm not sure if its a nationwide thing, but if not, it was the Ala Moana Dior in Honolulu that called me :biggrin:
  2. Did anyone get the private sale info from elux. I got an email the other day for the private sale on Dior..but there wasn't anything good :sad:
  3. Yeah I didn't see anything too good either, I check the private sale site a bunch. The rasta stuff they had is actually cheaper at the boutique, at least I think :lol: Definitely will be cheaper when it hits the outlet.
  4. Thank you for the info Noriko! :smile: Too bad I just can't spend any more money right now!! : (
  5. awww, well I'm sure there will be another sale :biggrin: I can't really find anything appealing this season anyway...maybe something is wrong with me :nuts:
  6. haha..yea, it's called, you have style :smile:
  7. :lol: I hope so!
  8. Noriko thanks for the info. I am with you on this one. I can't find anything to buy. John needs to gear up and create something worth collecting.

    Rasta line has hit the Outlet. I am not into that line. Whoever is interested, contact the outlet now.

    How do you get on elux's email alerts for Private Sale?
  9. wow dior sale!
  10. Hmm.. I don't like their rasta line... looks like I can only afford the Dior Daisy Leather Ring (only $24!) as of now!! :lol:
  11. ^^^:lol: do it girl!
  12. I'm still thinking about the red bag I saw that instantly made me think of you. If I had one Dior piece, that would be it. I think it's a sign....LOL.
  13. Same here:lol: the Rasta line aren't too bad except I saw this woman once at the mall with the matching jacket and the bag( not to say fake but doesn't look too real)...hum..make me rethink about that one...:Push:
  14. Which one was that :biggrin: