Dior Sale at eluxury - Rebel, St. Germain, Vintage

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  1. i got the dior crusade thong shoes!!!!

    LOVES THOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Must resist.. must resist hard -_- More than halfway through my 12 mth purse ban, must resist!!

  3. I wished i live in US :sad:

  4. I hate that cc problem too! I cant order from Harrods- I cant buy from iTunes Fr- :cursing: I know its for our protection but they could just have us verify more information or someting I swear. And I think if you sell online, you should be open to the whole world. Maybe call them and see if you can pay by western union.. I used to pay my car payment in the US that way when I was traveling in Japan! Totally worked!
  5. that's a pretty good idea southamtonkitty! ugh, i know that i could use a personal shopper for this (who's based in the US) but they will charge 10% for the total on it. *sighs*

    hee hee, we should swap, i'll order from harrods for you and you'll order from elux from me. :P that or credit card companies really ought to do something about this.

  6. WHOA that sucks. Ha I should be your personal shopper! I'm in manhasset at least twice a month, and the city (nyc...) every other weekend lol... I wouldnt charge the damn 10% I'd be so cheeky buying constantly not admitting it wasnt for me! lol

    For world wide visa cards try this website, and see if elux will accept them!

  7. Zerodross-
    I really want that "OUI" bracelette too.... lol
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