dior saddle waist bag....


Jan 1, 2006
........so I saw several japanese tourists here last week and saw a girl with a VERY VERY nice saddle dior waist bag in black.........I would DIE to find one!

does ANYONE know which bag I mean? and........where could I find it?
also, does dior has any other waistbags?
also, what about saddle messenger bags? where can you find those?

and any pics?

you see, we don´t have a dior shop in austria:sad:

sorry guys;)

i remember seeing those in various colors at the dior in woodbury commons last year (and on eluxury a few years back).....i wanted one soooo bad until i realized i coudln't really fit anything in there and i'm not really a belt kinda girl.....but it is adorable :P

as for the messenger saddle bag i know dior made them year ago (again saw one at woodbury) and this was another bag i would've given an arm for (although at the time i was in my early teens and there was no way my parents were going to buy me a $2,000 bag).....i don't remember seeing it after that tho.....
Ooh... I just saw one over the weekend at the premium outlets Dior shop in Orlando... I don't think that's going to help you much, huh? Hmm... if I had known earlier I would've volunteered to pick it up for you!
i'm not trying to be rude, i genuinely just want to know, but what is the allure about a bag like this or the gucci belt bag?

i saw a ton of people wearing the gucci ones when I went to Disney World this weekend, and it just completely baffled me.

i just can't think of these "bags" as anything but designer fanny packs.