Dior saddle serial number

  1. Hello,

    I'm a newbie to Dior and wanted to know if serial number in saddle bags (not gaucho) means where and when the bag was made.
    Ex. if a serial number is RU0042, where was it made?
    Again, does the saddle comes in different sizes?

  2. Hi Maryg1!

    I'm not too knowledgable when it comes to Dior's serial numbers, but I think I've seen "RU" serial numbers on saddle bags that were from Spain and Italy.

    Also, (I think) the saddle comes in 4 sizes and they all look quite different from each other...the regular (which has the most memorable shape of the saddle), the double-saddle (which is a bit larger in terms of capacity, has two bumps at the bottom of the bag, and C and D metal charms), the mini evening version (with a metal frame closure), and a large one which looks like a huge messenger bag in the shape of a saddle.