Dior Saddle (Not Gaucho)

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  1. Does anyone have any experience in the bag? I'm interested in it and just wanted to hear some opinions. Much appreciated!!!
  2. Good to buy.
    Dior saddle first time came out 1999. It's the first bag that John Galliano design for Dior.
    Every year the price go up specially in classic Dior logo or simple leather.
    I think it's a good start if you want to buy Dior because it's an original bag and no other company should make the bag in saddle shape.
    The price start at 790.00(more likely in fabric with no design or embro.) In leather will cost u 1090.00 and could run up to 2000.00 or more depend on how fancy it is.

    The thing that sucks about it though. If you drop this saddle the strap can be broke off easy, so you should carry with care.
    And the closer of the bag is "Velco" after a few years it could become loose or unattached.

    Not so long ago I spotted Dior Double Saddle nylon in black at the
    outlet I think it's 890.00 and half off it's actually a good buy.

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  3. Just purchased a saddle bag... have not had any previous experience with them so i will post a review of it when it arrives :smile:
  4. I have one for sale in the marketplace.
  5. Yup, this has happened to me. It was a sad, sad moment. And an apparently unfixable one.
    I still love the saddle though. It is increadibly comfortable. Fits perfectly and doesnt budge so u can use both ur arms freely. Great buy.
  6. I just saw a new gaucho that was gorgeous. I saw it on www.christiandior.com. I wasn't able to copy the pic to post on the thread. It was entitled "Dior gaucho bag in leather, hand braided finishing." It was a dressy kind of gaucho. It was all white with pretty braiding. I haven't seen it anywhere else. Have any of you guys seen this bag IRL?
  7. I have the saddle in black leather with gold hardware. The saddle design is very specific to Dior and you either love it or hate it. I happen to love it. I have had mine for almost 5 months now. I use it about 2 times a week and have not had any problems so far with the velcro or strap. Like LondonBrat says, it is extremely comfortable.
  8. I bought the Dior saddle in plain black leather with silver hardware from the Dior shop in Vegas last year. I had wanted one for a couple of years and it was a " frivolous" holiday purchase - I expected to only use it occasionally but i actually use it all the time. It is true that it tucks very comfortably under the arm so is easy to carry.

    You have to edit the contents ruthlessly - there is really only room for purse, phone and keys though it does have quite a practical hidden pocket on the back that you can slip stuff like (thin) mobile phones into. It also has a zip pocket inside.

    I agree it is a classic design - I never knew about the strap breaking so easily so thanks for the warning, I will be handling with care from now on! Which part of the strap did it break from giagiaja?

    lastly I prefer the plain saddles - I dont like all the fancy embroidering and colours - just a personal opinion! A month after I bought my black saddle I saw one in plauin fawn leather with gold hardware and given the choice now I think i would have gone for that one.
  9. I used to have one. I LOVE the look but it was a pain in the butt to get things out of it!!! I still have the saddle pochette (at least it doesn't have a flap!!!). It's much easier to get into.

  10. Who was your SA?Just curious.
    Oh ...The C&D silver hardware is the parts that more likely you will have
    problem with. But you can sent back to Dior to replace them cost around 45.00
  11. I love saddles! I have a little saddle that just seems to keep growing. The size isnt the greatest, but the shape is just so darn cute. I havent had any problems with hardware or straps breaking :biggrin:
  12. Giagiaja - sorry I cannot for the life of me remember the SA's name as I was only there on holiday, it was at Saks in the Fashion Mall though.

    Thanks for the info about the hardware. It is a relief that I can send it back to be repaired - I would so hate to not be able to use my saddle, I love it so much! I can be a little clumsy at times so its not beyond the realms of possibility I could drop it!
  13. For the price of these bags, there should be NO problems with breakage whatsoever. That stinks.
  14. Thank god for this thread - I was about to drop 800 on one.. now it's confirmed.. I'll be going down the LV and Gucci route.

    Thanks, ladies.
  15. I purchased my first Dior saddle bag almost 2 years ago and I have been in love with the saddle bags every since. here is a picture of my favorite saddle bag. It was a limited edition from 2004:

    when it comes to Dior I really only like the saddle bags, they are perfect from day to night and very eye catching.

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