Dior saddle handle

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  1. I have the Double saddle bag in black leather and the strap is getting a bit tatty. Just wondered, does anybody know how much Dior charge to get the straps replaced? Also, what do you guys use to clean your leather as mine is loosing its shine and I don't want to use something that will ruin it.
  2. Hmmm...I'm not sure how much it will cost to have the strap replaced, but I do know that you can also get the strap refurbished at a leather cleaning specialist in town. They can do wonders with old leather products and make them look and last entirely like they were new.

    Also, a neutral color shoe leather cream cleaner cleans leather beautifully, but ALWAYS do a spot test on a less exposed area of the bag to make sure that it doesn't damage the finish on the leather.
  3. Thank you!!!
  4. You're very welcome!

    I actually used the neutral cream leather cleanser on white patent leather and it didn't ruin the finish at all!!! I was afraid that it was going to dissolve the finish but it didn't...but once again always do a spot test first...it may not work for all types of patent (maybe not on the more glossy ones) and all colors either.
  5. I sent my large Lady Dior back to the company to be refurbished and they charged me about $50. My bag was starting to sag a little. They reconditioned the leather and replaced the inside supports that keep the bag standing upright. It took them about a month.
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