Dior saddle for leftys?

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  1. Hi, Ive been craving for a saddle for the longest time but because I carry my bags on my left shoulder (left handed), Im afraid that the saddle would look weird (like backwards?) on me. I hope I make sense here. Any suggestions? Any one with the same problem as me? I guess I could carry it on my right but it'd keep slipping off (my weirdness). :hrmm:
  2. Me too. I carry my bag on the left shoulder. I don't think the saddle bag comes in the "other way". So far it's doing good on my left shoulder. I'd love it if it does offer the other config.
  3. How about a trotter ? The little saddle bags are zip top, so there isn't a flap and so it doesn't really matter which side you carry it on. Same with the smaller saddle clutches. It's no full sized saddle though, sadly.

    I carry my bags on my left shoulder too ! And I'm right handed.. well, I was born a lefty.
  4. same. then i had an accident with my pointer finger on my right hand when i was almost four, and even though my little prek teachers told my parents i was left handed and now that my right hand is evne more out of comission i should switch but lol they consider that 'evil'.
    what can i say i am an evil child, i was born different, and im fine with that lol. but now my handwriting either way totally blows, but lol anyway back to the bag. can you wear it on your left but just have the bag weight placed opposite of the right shoulder?
  5. i have a habit of carrying bags on my left shoulder. I carry my saddle pouch (and all my other shoulder bags) on my left, its not a problem to me at all. I mean i never thought its a problem... now that you have mentioned about it, it sets me thinking which is the "right" way of carrying the saddle.
  6. I am right handed and carry my bags on the left arm (sometimes) but that's a really good question, I never really thought about it until I came upon this thread.
  7. Isn't it actually more the norm for a right handed person to carry on the left shoulder? I always have! I assumed I was more comfortable doing that because it leaves my right hand free to do things. I've tried switching to the right shoulder, but I can never do it for more than a few minutes!

    Maybe it's like cartwheels ... and your best side has nothing to do with handedness?!?! Things that make ya go "hmmm..." ;)
  8. I'm right handed and I carry bags on the left shoulder.. I have the saddle bag and it sits well on my left shoulder.. i don't feel anything different in particular.. when i bought it i did think about what is the "right" side to carry the saddle.. but after trying a few times on each side.. it really doesn't matter!