Dior Saddle Coin Purse/Pouch

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  1. Hello all!! I do not own anything from Christian Dior as of yet (and am new to the Dior forum). I am debating, after thoughtful consideration, purchasing the Dior Oblique Saddle Coin Purse. I use keychain type wallets, not your typical bifold wallets. My question is, for anyone who owns this, can it fit a drivers license and other cards and cash? Thank you!!

  2. This cannot fit cards, although it can fit cash (bills would have to be folded). It's very cute! I almost bought it but because I already have a coin case and I already have a Saddle card holder, I don't need one more Saddle SLG...for now.
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  3. Thank you for letting me know!! It's too bad they didn't make it slightly bigger for ids, but I may still purchase at some point.

    I love the for now piece. I think the same way. IMO there can never be enough SLGs!!

    Thank you again for informing me! Happy New Year!!
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