Dior Saddle bag vs LV pochette??

  1. Which holds more? Which one do you prefer?
  2. I vote Dior saddle...it's one of my favourite bags ever!
  3. Don't Know Which Holds More, But I Would Choose The Dior--too Many Fake Lv's Out There--it Kind Of Takes Away The Fun Of Carrying A Real One
  4. dior saddle! i have seen too many fifth graders at the mall with lv pochettes with EXTRA long straps ( murakami line, monogram - you name it)
  5. Another vote for Dior Saddle :yahoo:
  6. Ditto...Actually, of all the fake bags I've seen so far, most of them were the LV pouchette (in either color monogram, regular monogram, black color monogram, monogram with cherries, or monogram with flowers). So when you wear a real one people will just think it's fake.
  7. I vote for Dior Saddle......Like mentioned, there are too many fake pochettes out there....I see them everywhere, for example I saw this one fake LV pochette and the straps were falling apart and the color was odd.
  8. Dior saddle and LV pochette are both very cute but the uniqueness of the saddle shape makes me want to own one. My vote goes for the Dior!
  9. ditto .. dior saddle is way tooo cute
  10. LV! It's more durable than dior canvas and I'm not into saddle shapes...
  11. The saddle will hold more and I think the shape looks more unique.
  12. i could be biased cause i'm not a big lv fan (and i adore dior) but i think the saddle holds more and is more unique. :smile:
  13. LV pochette. Cute and it is durable. Goes with a lot.
  14. Dior saddle bag holds more, The interior is roomier. And I like dior saddle bag better than the pochette.
  15. Nice choices to choose from ;) Dior saddle has a more unique shape and holds more.. another vote for the Dior!