Dior Saddle bag, Japanese flowers, anyone?

  1. Does anyone have that bag? I fell in love with it but I've only seen it once on eBay and it was way too pricey for me. Does any of you ladies own this bag or have more photos of it or anything? It's just so pretty :love: (and what's the real name of it?)

  2. Real name japanese patchwork saddle.

    Come up every now and then but I haven't seen them that often though.

    They also do this print in the detective.
  3. I believe this print has made it to the Outlet already.
  4. It is very cute.
  5. Why do I have to live in a country with no Dior shops at all?!:hysteric:It's so unfair :crybaby: You lucky girls who have those outlets.
  6. Oh, and thanks for the answers! :cutesy:
  7. They will ship internationally via fedex, I live in Australia and ordered from Orlando outlet :yes:
  8. Wow, nice to hear! Thanks! :cutesy:

    Can you recommend any outlet or give the address of their website? :smile:
  9. here u go hun

    48400 Seminole Drive
    Cabazon, CA 92230
    (951) 849-6641

    8200 Vineland Avenue
    Orlando, FL 32821
    (407) 238-7787

    498 Red Apple Court
    Central Valley, NY 10917
    (845) 928-4000
  10. Thank you very very much :cutesy::flowers:
  11. I went to Cabazon this weekend and saw it there. I believe the price is $695 USD. You can call my favorite Sales Rep Sean at (951) 922-3606. He will hook you up. They do ship everywhere.

    Good Luck. :smile::yes::tup:
  12. Ohh! Here are the matching shoes...happy holidays!

  13. these shoes are cute too.... (top row, left)

  14. I believe this is the saddle version (?)

  15. beautifulbasics; yes I guess that's the saddle version. :yes:

    Thanks for your help ladies! :cutesy:
    I've been looking those wedges too, they're adorable! Though those pumps look good too, just haven't seem them earlier :nogood:

    Oh, I wish I could afford that bag... Just have been shopping a LOT lately... :whistle: But I just keep on dreaming and maybe after christmas... :drool::nuts:

    Thanks again! And if you girls have any pics from that bag / anything else with those flowers, keep them coming! :yes: