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Oct 24, 2022
Awwwh, she sounds so lovely! And you look great! I have a dior off the shoulder jacket that I adore and wear all the time. With jeans, shorts, matching pants, and contrasting dior skirts. By itself and over tops and t shirts. Well worth the cost IMO. I personally prefer to buy RTW when I am not at the complete bottom of my weight loss journey (mainly bc I tend not to have faith that I will keep the weight off, so that just may be my own quirk) Happy shopping!
Thank you @880 !! I do love that jacket and thanks for the styling suggestions!! And I know what you mean about the weight loss… it’s a journey for sure, full of ups and downs. :P I plan to go back to the boutique in about a month and hopefully bring home both jackets!
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Sep 5, 2012
So I saw this pink trench online as part of the SS23 looks and I have really come to love the blush colour on me. Do you think this is too trendy of a colour? Or maybe it is neutral enough to carryover a few seasons at least? Let me know what everyone thinks!

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Classic and beautiful!!