Dior Romantique---wat do u think?

  1. i want to buy the dior romantique flap but im not sure if it can b used for long time....so im asking all ur opinion! thx!!
  2. i have this bag and i love it. i haven't used it in a long time, but i love its unusual shape, and it can actually hold a lot, considering the size and shape :yes:. but it wouldn't be practical as an everyday bag though :hrmm:
  3. I have a Dior Trotter Romantique tote which is my everyday bag. However, I did have to have it replaced by Dior once because the leather used on the outside around the chain was cheap and wearing away. I haven't noticed that on my second one yet, but it's hard because I'm a lot more picky with it now and I see every little flaw. :Push:

    That said, I think the bag you posted is really cute! Depending on whether or not you want an everyday bag, I'm not sure how practical it is (?). I do think that this line seems pretty timeless to me.
  4. i love that bag... it's adorable, however it doesn't seem like the best choice for an every day bag.

    but if you love it, then get it!
  5. I have the trotter in beige from last year (this year's has some logo heart charms). I was very happy with it only for a couple of months, now I find it boring, too cute if you know what I mean. If you love it, get it, but think hard if it's love that's going to stick around...
  6. I love it! It looks really feminine.
  7. I love this bag! I like the color and the shape. You should get it :]
  8. Romantic is my favorite line from Dior, so I love it !
  9. i have this bag and i totally love it! i dunno how great of an everyday bag it is though. i got it in June, but have only used it about 3 or 4 times.
  10. i regret not buying one of those beauties...
  11. Is this bag still available? I looked on Elux but couldn't find it. I'm interested in the medium flap size, not the small flap. Thanks!
  12. its cute but if the leather on the chains are rubbing off, then I would consider this first before purchasing this bag
  13. Is this their permanent line?
    Did the romantique line ever go on sale? I just dont like when i buy something then few months later it goes on sale....:Push:
  14. I love romantique, so sweet and feminine :yes: