Dior Romantique Flap.

  1. Dear Ladies and Gents

    I have this Dior Romantique Flap, but I never use it.. I am thinking and debating if I should let it go... I had post it on eBay already but I am thinking if I should end it ...

    This will be the first time I ever sell a bag .. other than the dog carrier... em... so i need so help on deciding..

    TIA !!
    dior front.jpg dior side.jpg
  2. if you dont use it, then i suppose it is fine to get rid of it. then you can get something you will use
  3. Well if you don't have any bids you could end it and wait until later.
  4. If you don't use the bag than you should let it go and use the money towards something that you will use.
  5. So cute. but if you don't use it, i would sell it.
  6. I love this Dior bag. It's very cute, but if you don't ever use it, I think you would sell it. :smile:
  7. I think it is a beautiful bag; and a friend of mine has one. It is very cute on her. To bad you don't use it. I would consider to sell if I am not planning to use it.
  8. Yea I say you sell it as well, such a beautiful bag to be locked up, go ahead and sell it, i'm sure someone will lover her and take her out.
  9. I love this bag. It's one of my favorite dior bags. I personally would keep it but if you don't see yourself using it, I would just sell it.
  10. ditto!
    use the money and buy something you love. =)
  11. I agree with all the other ladies, it's a gorgeous bag... but if you don't use it I'd sell it and then by a new bag that you love.
  12. I think is pretty so it just stay in the closet.. I think the velvet handles are a little bit too delicate for me ..

    Thanks everyone on helping me decide
  13. It is really lovely, I've been wanting like that for a while. If you ever change your mind again, let me know! :biggrin:
  14. if you're not using it, then i'm with the other ladies on the board - sell it and free up some funds for other purchases which you would use on a more frequent basis.

    i'll admit that i'm in the same predicament as you, i love my diors but i hardly ever use them (and i've not even used some of them at all!). i'll be selling most of them off to add to my birkin fund - that much i know. :p
  15. OMG this is the bag that FIRST got me interested in Dior, i tried to wait for this to go to outlet so i could buy it cheaper as spending even $100 on a handbag was beyond thought for me back then and i missed it!!! T_T

    i was so upset. sorry if this is an old posting i was searching for romantique pictures and threads and i just had to say something

    ...i'm so scared of eBay tho...