Dior Romantique Collection and VAT Questions

  1. Ok, I've got a couple of questions about Dior. Firstly, is the romantique collection permanent? If not, when will it be available to? Also, in France how much VAT do we get back on Dior bags, I know it differs from store to store.
  2. Hmmm.. I thought it was a "last summer" thing. I noticed they came out with similar styles from last spring/summer romantique's. I have the trotter and the bow is velvet with the pink silk flower..

    I noticed for this season the bow is leather and there's no flower..

    The Saks, where I got my bag from, no longer carry the trotters from last season (which IMO were so much better than this).
  3. oki, I have wanted the romantique (Trotter Romantique Small Tote) as well but the one I want from eluxury is gone.......arrggggghhh, I waited too long.. maybe they will bring it back again?????
  4. bluxcape, how do you know it is gone?? I still see it on their website as in stock??? I love this bag too and hope it isn't going anywhere as I know I can't afford it right away!
  5. I the event that you never recieved an answer. The VAT in France is 19.60%. standard for the country. It does not change from place to place. If you have a U.S passport you can get the Vat tax back, which is a lot if you are making a big purchase.
  6. I love that collection! I saw it on Eluxury and it's a dream. I want it but I need to save some money. Hopefully it'll be around for a while.
  7. I don't think the Trotter Romantique collection is going anywhere (this trotter line has been updated for almost 2 years now), but if you check the Dior site they came out with some new additions to this line which look like LV copies!!! They have some with almost the same colors as LV (these are the ones with a single leather heart embossed with the Dior logo), and they look like LV bags too except for the Dior monogram. What a shame...all of Dior's other bags look so original. I hope they discontinue these new Trotter Romantique bags soon and make more versions of the older Trotter Romantique bags.
  8. I bought a Trotter Romantique Tote in July for 760+tax, and I still see them in Saks and Neiman Marcus from time to time. I really love the bag because of it's durability. I wear it everyday, and it still looks brand new to me. :smile: It's something that I feel like I'll have for the rest of my life. Also, you don't see as many people carrying Diors as you do LVs, Coaches, and most other brands, so it's nice to know that my bag stands out a bit.
  9. The romantique will be around for a little while longer, though they will just keep changing it so the current LV inspired ones will only be for this season. I don't mind the new styles, they definitely are a love child of LV and Dior, esp the one that looks like a papillon. I've been trying to decide to get one of the new ones and ended up getting one today, I think its cute and a good day bag for winter...though I do prefer the original romantiques. The one I'm eagerly waiting on is the black flap bag with the mink trim...thats going to be adorable :heart: I also like the cream small flap bag...thats a bit of a cutie with the heart lock on the front.
    Here are some pics of my new bag:

    I really love how the key snaps off the front to unlock the heart on the side, also the heart is double sided, one side is beige, the other chocolate suede, both sides stamped with Dior, so you can play around with which way you want the heart to face.

    Also this is the small flap bag I mentioned, the one in the pic is the brown one though:
    And for those who haven't seen the catalouge these are the other pics from the new romantique line:
  10. ^^ Oh, I love your bag! I love how the keys can be used as an accessory for the bag too. May I know how much is it? :P
  11. That is by far the cutest bag ever. What is the name of it?!
  12. AHHHHHHHH! I've changed my mind on this new Trotter Romantique line...I am ABSOLUTELY in love with it! It's so cute, and the Dior catalogue shots make it look so dreamy! Darn it, now my wish list just got longer.
  13. Dior take off 12% of the Bag's Price ...

    i guess this line will be permenant.. they've been re releasing it since 2 years
  14. Krysta, gorgeous bag!:nuts:

    I want the wallet...do they still have the cream colors avail on eluxury?
  15. :drool: That's nice